Commercial Locksmith Services

Every business is different and has distinct needs catering to different customers. One thing that is certain, however, is that every commercial location should be secure at all times.

Master key system

If you are a business owner and have a ring full of a dozen of keys and would like to consolidate the keys that control the doors at your business then a master keys system is a great solution.

In this master key system the owner or manager has a key that is called a "grand master key", a key that will open every lock at the establishment. Specific employees can then receive keys that will only open particularly set parts of the building. This can be fully customizable to every businesses need.

Commercial door hardware install/adjustments:

commercial locksmith services

Are you looking for heavy duty door hardware for your restaurant, storefront or office building? Or is the existing hardware not working properly?

Take a good look at your existing locks and all of your entry and exit doors on a regular basis to make sure your business doors are working to your needs.

commercial locksmith services

Our commercial locksmith services can install the following:

  • Mortise lock
  • Rim cylinder
  • Paddle lock/push pedal
  • Bathroom lock
  • Cylinder thumb turn
  • Door latches 
  • Arm door closer
  • "Do not duplicate keys"
  • File cabinet keys made
  • Lock repair/adjustment
  • Master key system
  • Re-keying
  • Mailbox keys
  • Commercial levers
  • Panic bar exit device

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